September 12

Neil Grover's debut EP, “Whoa”, sets the mood ablaze right off the bat with his single, “Politics”, a song of wildfire passion with a high-powered anthem that gets in your face while luring you into relatable lyrics. Grover is, no doubt, a moody pop singer-songwriter with eclectic embraces of rock, folk, and alternative sounds that accompany smoldering lyrics of flooding temperaments. “I write about the things that keep me up at night—that torture me,” says Grover.

 The singer began writing music at the age of seven and gravitated towards writing songs after his tumultuous experiences in boarding school where he completed his high school education. Taking to piano and guitar, Grover began crafting his own works during his university years in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he subsequently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Inspired by a wide range of artists from Michael Jackson to The Beatles to artists such as The Crash Test Dummies, John Mayer, and pop producer, Max Martin, there is a fluid mix among these colorful influences that uniquely construct Grover’s sound.

 While there are songs on his debut such as the title track, “Whoa,” which possesses a soulful and tender sensibility to its meaningful lyrics, Grover is not afraid to set off a riveting explosion of personal feelings as seen in songs such as “Don’t Give a Damn Anymore” and “Inside Out”—expressing anger towards others as well as resentments toward himself, all leading to a thrilling and versatile body of work. He just released his sophomore EP, Shadow & Fire, after having released each song on the new record in singles.

He is currently working on his third body of work--a concept album entitled, Secrets In This Room. The first single from the album was released on March 18th, 2021. His next single is due out in July of this year so stay tuned!