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Band Of Brothers
September 2  5-8

Band of Brothers makes their return to The Wilds, and if this year is anything like last, expect to be rocked to the core.

Relive the best of times with Lehigh Valley's best classic and modern rock, and dance band!

Playing all of the classic rocks favorite from 60's -80's.


The Wonton Soups
September 9   5-8

The Wonton Soups make their return to The Wilds, with their quarter, they are a quirky and lovable horn band from Bethlehem, PA. Experience from musical theater, jazz, Drum Corps and self-taught musicians, The Soups have a unique sound influenced by pop punk, swing, and big band.

They bring their driving beat to The Wilds and you don't want to miss them!


Greg Smith Off The Road
September 22    5-8

Making their return to The Wilds,
Greg Smith has been a professional touring/recording musician for 38 years… When he's not“On The Road”, he plays locally with his band “Off The Road”…
They've been performing locally for the past 13 years or so, doing Old School Classic rock & pop tunes from the ’60s-’90s with some surprises mixed in!
Greg has toured with many greats, from Billy Joel, Richie Blackmoore's Rainbow, Ted Nugent, and Alice Cooper as well as other national touring acts.
it's classic rock at its best!

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