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July 20 5-8

Much like coal, the prime resource of their hometown, "Big King Moose" has many applications and can bring the heat.

Formed in 1993 in Steamtown; that's Scranton PA to you outsiders, "Big King Moose" has seen it all, done it all and continued doing their own unique brand of rock for two solid decades. Perhaps even more staggering than the longevity of the band itself is the fact that the 3 core members are the same as day one. Fresh out of college at NYU, Joseph "Wiggy" Wegleski returned home to do what he does best; play rock guitar and chew gum. And the boy was fresh out of gum. He turned to old family friend Lenny Mecca and his prodigious bass skills to help solidify the roster before stumbling upon a young skin basher that fit their groove just perfectly; enter The Samony; Gary Samony.

So the boys saw the "grunge" come and go, played the "New Wave 80's" hits, put out two original albums and even tried their hand at the wedding circuit. Yet, nothing tasted right. After years of touring, recording and just plain rocking with a variety, and styles the guys decided enough non-sense, let's go back to our roots and rock it ourselves. And my my, have they.

With a set constructed of the finest in classic rock gems from "Rush" "Zeppelin" "ZZ Top" "Genesis" and others, "Big King Moose" lays it down the way nature and FM radio intended; tight, raw and powerful. Skills honed over the decades and a true camaraderie will have every behind in the spot shakin and smiling. Classic rock goodness.

This band kicks ass and you need to be here to experience them for yourselves.

Big King Moose

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